TJ Class of 1964's 50th Reunion
October 24th 2014 - Museum of the Gulf Coast - Port Arthur
October 25th - The Event Center - Beaumont


Registration - Friday Night (Museum of the Gulf Coast)
Johnnie Arnold (61) and Paul Fitzner (61)

Registration Committee - Saturday Night (Event Center)
Rose PreJean (65), Fred Schneider (66) and Rita Davis (65)

Ed LeBlanc, Liby Palmer-Beck & Jesse Delee

Carlos Estrada and Dellphine Goodman Haynes

Mary Beth Beauchamp-Richardson, Sandra Hebert, Leo Hebert,
Jessie Delee, Buddy Ball, Jean Sokal and Danny Richardson

Leroy Leger and Anita Aguilar-Leger

Rise Lind and Reidar Eliassen

Jesse Delee

Chris Folsom-Heath, Janis Darville-Conkle and Larry Conkle

Mary (Susie) Collazo-Villrreal, Lydia Barbosa-Ramirez,
Mildred Moorehead-Wheeler and Donn Wheeler

Jeannie Burch-Pitre and Rochelle Bond

Georgia Smith-Feemster, Pat Larsen and Dora Scalco

Pat Larsen, Paul Nelson and Lee Lumpkin

Charlotte Barnette, Harold Barnette and Mary Alice Teran

Ann Hamilton-Moseley, Brent Moseley,
Liby Palmer-Beck and Carl Beck

Deanna Denbo-Bozarth, David Bonham, Candy Matlock-Bonham &
Liby Palmer-Beck

Virginia Sirman, Deanna Denbo-Bozarth and Mary Sirman

Jesse Villarreal